It is our principal activity, which we carry out with precision and professionally, with expert know-how, and advanced technological tools.


Supplementary services that have become an essential part of CNC machining. We can drill almost any cooling channel.


Irreplaceable machining that we can provide, as the tools of today are increasingly complex and demanding. This will only increase in the future.

We are strengthening our position as a reliable partner in the machining industry and are carrying out our work expertly and precisely.


Flexibility – With our know-how and capabilities, we quickly respond to our clients’ needs and can appropriately predict them as well.

Partnership and trust – We believe in good mutual relationships, which we improve with a respectful attitude to our clients, suppliers, and other parties involved.

Care for our clients and employees – Our clients are our top priority, as a helpful and friendly attitude ensures mutual satisfaction. We consider personal and professional development of our employees very important, as this leads to motivated and satisfied employees that are loyal to the company.

»Analiza italijanskega trga na področju izdelave ohišij za termoplastna orodja«.

Podjetje 3CNC d.o.o. je na javnem razpisu za »Sofinanciranje tržnih raziskav, mednarodnih forumov in certifikatov v letu 2018« uspešno pridobil sofinanciranje za projekt operacije »Analiza italijanskega trga na področju izdelave ohišij za termoplastna orodja«.

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In 2009, when we received the quality certification for the first time, we decided to strive diligently for constant improvements, which we achieve on all levels of our production process.


We are always aiming to stay up to date, and we therefore make high investments into our line-up of machinery. We constantly upgrade and update our line-up with newer, more advanced machinery, capable of more technologically demanding machining.


We dedicate a lot of attention to our employees, making sure that they stay up-to-date on newer trends and that they have access to increasingly advanced tools, while they independently and responsibly participate in every project.