We know that employees are an important pillar of our company. With their ideas, our employees contribute to a creative atmosphere in the company, constantly helping to improve the processes that we all strive for. Together, we aim to carry out our tasks at the best of our abilities, helping each other in the process. Such an atmosphere helps us all to grow personally and together with the company.


Company was established

Company was established, starting operations with one machine and 2 employees.


Move to new production facilities

Move to new production facilities (250 m2), with Hartford HB 2150 SG machining centre, 10 employees.


Purchase of additional production facilities

Purchase of additional production facilities (250 m2) and purchase of a new 5-axis machining centre, TOS KURIM FUQ 125-K/4.


Purchase of IXION TL 1004

Purchase of a used deep-drilling machine IXION TL 1004.



First presentation at the EUROMOLD trade fair in Frankfurt.


Construction of additional production facilities

Construction of new, additional production facilities (500 m2) and a new fine machining centre, Hartford HSA 2215, we once again have a presentation at the EUROMOLD trade fair in Frankfurt, 21 employees.


Purchase of a new Hartford MVP 13

Purchase of a new fine machining centre, Hartford MVP 13, and a 4-axis machining centre, YOU-JI, for lateral machining.


Purchase of IXION IA3 TLF

Purchase of 5-axis deep-drilling machine, IXION IA3 TLF, 27 employees.


Purchase of another Hartford HSA 2215

Purchase of another machining centre, Hartford HSA 2215.


Purchase of a new Hartford MVP 16 in DMG MORI DMU160 P duoBlock

Purchase of new fine machining centres Hartford MVP 16 and a 5-axis machining centre DMG MORI DMU160 P duoBlock.



Change of company name

Change of company name to 3CNC, 35 employees.

How it all started?

The company was founded in September 2003, with the same owners since that time. The company was established because of an idea and belief of an unfilled market niche: to provide support services for the tool industry, specifically CNC machining of tool plates.

The company started its operations in leased facilities with once CNC machining centre and two employees. Later, it purchased new production facilities, which will soon prove to be too small, and an expansion of production capacities.


The basic mission of our company is to create new value. We will achieve this by continual investment into technology and constant education and training of all participants in the production process. Thus – and by respecting agreed delivery deadlines and the high quality of our products – we create the conditions for employability and provide creative opportunities for strategic goals that we constantly improve.



In 2009, when we received the quality certification for the first time, we decided to strive diligently for constant improvements, which we achieve on all levels of our production process.