We have found our market niche in supporting medium-sized tool workshops, for which we manufacture framework tool plates. We understand our clients and know that they expect quality production and on-time delivery. What we agree with our clients, we fulfil, and never deviate. We are increasing the number of our loyal clients with every year and retain all of them, thus ensuring successful growth.

Working together with partners from several industries

We collaborate with partners mostly from the automotive industry, with some partners manufacturing tools for household appliances. Occasionally, our services are sought by tool manufacturers that need components for machine manufacture.

Our services

Our principal activity is CNC machining according to plans submitted by our clients. We manufacture tools for pressure casting, tools for thermoplastic injection moulding, remodelling tools, press brakes, and attachment assemblies. The range of services we provide spans cutting, milling, deep drilling, and 5-axis machining. We provide all this in one location, without any need to look for other providers, in order to save time of delivery.

CNC machining

CNC machining is our most expanded activity, for which we have the most machine capacities available. We manufacture plates from dimensions of 300×300 mm to 2000×1500 mm. The weight of the workpiece is limited to 10 tonnes. We offer complete CNC machining and after-treatment – plate repairs due to construction changes.  Our products are made to final measurements and tolerances according to our clients’ requests, in accordance with plans received.

Deep-hole drilling

Our range of services also includes deep-hole drilling. Deep-hole drilling is becoming indispensable in manufacture of tool plates, as such products are becoming increasingly technologically advanced. Plates have ever more cooling channels, which must often be drilled at an angle. We provide deep-hole drilling from a diameter of 4 mm to 22 mm, and one-sided drilling up to a depth of 1000 mm.

Informative offer

5D machining

More complex machining and drilling and cavities under angles are machined using the 5-axis machining centres, as only such centres allow us to best achieve the required precisely defined tolerances. In terms of size, we can provide machining up to dimension of 1600×1600 mm, with the workpiece weight of up to 10 tonnes.